When You Need A Family Lawyer

If you or someone you know is wondering if you need a family lawyer you probably do. As the title suggests, this type of attorney will specialize in issues of divorce and other related family matters. If you are contemplating divorce and there is any property associated with the marriage, if you’re wanting to seek alimony, if you have children and you want custody or child support, then these are some of the many issues family lawyers can help you with. Here we will take a look at understanding when you need a family lawyer. By Tweed Heads family lawyer Save U Legal who offer affordable legal services.

Prenups and Postnups

When someone is wanting to marry but they have assets they possess before marriage, they may want to put a prenup in place to protect those assets. With the U.S. and other countries having over 50% of marriages that end in divorce, this has become very common practice for those who have assets that they want to protect should the marriage go in an unexpected direction.

When a couple decides to put a postnuptial agreement in place, it is in some ways like a prenup with the exception of the fact that certain assets have already become marital, meaning that they belong equally to each partner. Each of these agreements can be useful in the right situation. If you are considering having a prenup or postnup then the family attorney will be who you should speak to about arranging it.hands in the shape of a heart holding globe


Although it’s not always a requirement, it is often very useful to involve a family lawyer when going through an adoption process. An attorney can often steer everything so that it is done correctly and so that there are no delays based on issues related to law. The process of adoption is often a rollercoaster of emotions for the couple involved and having a family attorney to help steer everything and make sure that everything is done correctly is highly advisable.

Don’t Be Bullied In Divorce

Commonly in divorce, at least one person is angry and they may begin trying to bully the other into doing what they want. If your spouse is making comments such as, ‘you will never see your children again’, or ‘ I’m going to take you for everything you’ve got’, or ‘ I’ll make sure you’re not left with a red penny to your name’, these tactics are sometimes just an effort to bully the other person into doing what the bully wants. Other times it’s because the person who’s doing the bullying completely misunderstands the law.

Having a family attorney in this type of situation gives you someone to go to that can tell you what the law is and if the person making the threats has any foundation to what they’re saying. In most cases, they don’t. Additionally, if there is any emotional or physical abuse then your family attorney can take legal action to bring that to a halt.divorce

Dealing With Divorce

Very often divorce, even under the best of circumstances, is highly emotionally charged. This can mean that without proper legal representation that bad choices might be made. An experienced family attorney can advise and help protect you legally. They are not emotionally involved and therefore they can guide the process of divorce in a way that protects you best.

Those who choose to get a divorce without legal representation often regret it later. They may not have been aware of certain rights that they had or they may not have anticipated their needs appropriately. This is one of the ways that a family attorney can help. Don’t go it alone, get an experienced family lawyer to help you through the process.