It seems like ramen noodles are everywhere nowadays. From the various styles of the instant versions to the authentic varieties in high-end restaurants, people can’t get enough of these noodles. Many authentic noodle shops have also popped up across the country. The Friday night ramen noodles pop up at Cafe Strand Falmouth UK for the best ramen and sushi you’ll find anywhere in Cornwall!

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Below is a look at the wonder of ramen noodles and what makes this dish so exciting and enticing.

ramen noodles & sushi at café strand falmouth uk

What is Ramen?

The famous ramen dish originated from Japan. It is a staple dish in most Japanese restaurants. If you are short on cooking time, these noodles are the perfect solution. The readily available, instant version of ramen noodles will quickly fill you up.

The growing global appeal is changing how people view this famous dish. Also, there are more innovative ways of dressing up ramen noodles today. That makes the dish very versatile and suitable for many recipes.

How is it Made?

Wheat flour, salt, and water are the main ingredients that make ramen. Those primary ingredients are kneaded together to form a dough, before being rolled, cut and finally, steamed. What makes ramen different from other noodles is kansui. Kansui is the alkaline water responsible for giving ramen noodles their springy texture.

The Best Emergency Food

Ramen noodles have become the universal choice lifesaver meal for most people, especially among students. Instant ramen offers the tastiest hunger-reliever that you can get today. There are even cookbooks available that help you make your ramen dish fancier. Other ways that you can enhance your ramen experience is by using spices and condiments.

The Health Concerns about Ramen Noodles

There is a long-running debate on whether it is healthy to regularly eat ramen noodles. The primary health concern is that processed ramen contain high amounts of sodium. Other issues include the lack of protein, fibre, and other essential minerals.

How to Make Ramen Noodles Healthy

Luckily, there are several ways you can make your ramen noodles healthy. Start by buying low sodium ramen to create the right foundation. Next, add some vegetables like spinach, cauliflowers, and broccoli into your bowl. These vegetables will give you a healthy serving of minerals, fiber, and vitamins. They also contribute to a better flavor.

You can also add protein to balance out the meal. Ramen soup always goes well with lean beef, eggs, pork, chicken or fish. These meats help to meet your body’s protein requirements. Explore the numerous possibilities of eating ramen. You will see how you can easily transform this great tasting dish into a flavorful and healthy meal.


Instant ramen noodles continue being valued for their great convenience. They also deliver significant satisfaction and comfort. The dish has even been sent to many relief camps all over the world during times of disaster. The ramen trend does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

The noodles feel as fresh as ever today with plenty of varieties. These noodles may turn out to be one of the best foods to successfully win over almost everyone in the world.

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