Sous vide is a method of cooking at home that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Food is placed in silicone or plastic pouches, air is expelled, and the food is cooked in a very precisely heated water bath to prepare incredible meals consistently with very little margin of error.

9 Advantages Of Sous Vide Cooking Over Other Forms Of Cooking (At Home)

Sous vide cooking offers numerous benefits. And, to make things even easier and more convenient, there are so many great sous vide accessories available to choose from. By cooking the food at a lower temperature for much longer, you can expect better flavors, textures, and tenderness, along with numerous other health and lifestyle benefits, which include:

1. Tastier Food

Sous vide food is not only tastier but also more appealing. Food is vacuum sealed inside a silicone or plastic bag, which means that it does not lose its form or dehydrate while cooking. The original weight, natural color, and flavor of the food is also not lost. It means that with sous vide cooking, it is possible to use forgotten or cheaper cuts of meat to greater effect.

2. Healthier Food

Due to the enhanced flavors associated with sous vide cooking, little or no additional fat or salt is required during cooking. Vacuum sealing the food also means that minerals and vitamins are never lost during cooking unlike in other cooking methods such as steaming or boiling.

3. Low Maintenance

Sous vide cooking does not require too much of your attention. You never have to stand over a hot stove to ensure that your food does not burn. All you need to do is heat the bath, drop in the food, and set the timer. It doesn’t get easier than that when it comes to cooking.

4. Perfectly Cooked Food

When you are pan frying food, it is possible to end up with a piece of food where the outside us cooked but the inside is still raw. Cooking your food until it is done on the inside means that it is possible to overcook it even if it isn’t burnt on the outside. With sous vide cooking, this is something you never have to worry about since it is almost impossible to overcook food in a water bath.

5. Restaurant Quality Food

Souse vide food is not only healthier and tastier, but you will also experience the texture of food as it is meant to be eaten. With sous vide cooking you can say goodbye to the days of soggy asparagus and chewy chicken and say ‘hello’ to moist and tender meat as well as vegetables that retain their color and crunch.

6. Quick and Simple Meals

Sous vide cooking is as easy as using a slow cooker. Once you prepare the food you wish to cook, all you need to do is place the bag containing the food in the water bath at the proper temperature. You can prepare many meals and cook them in less than 30 minutes.

7. Organize Your Cooking Time

Perhaps one of the greatest things about sous vide cooking is that it lets you have more control over your timings. You can prepare food and vacuum seal it in advance and leave it to cook slowly in the water bath. You can then come back and serve up the meal whenever you are ready.

8. Potential Savings

A sous vide cooker can be a worthwhile investment for your kitchen. With sous vide cooking, you can reduce food wastage by preparing individual portions and the souse vide cookers typically use less energy compared to electric or gas ovens.

9. Nutrient Retention

The best nutrients in foods are usually destroyed or lost when cooking using traditional methods. In contrast, vacuum sealing food before it is cooked ensures that it is not exposed to any water or oxygen and that heat is kept to a minimum so that all the nutrients that are usually lost through traditional cooking methods stay locked within the bag.

Final Thoughts

Sous vide cooking is clearly the way to go since it offers so many benefits as clearly shown here. If you want to get started with this type of cooking, you need to invest in the right equipment. It won’t cost you much to invest in sous vide cooking equipment, but the rewards both financially and in terms of health will be worth it in the end.

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